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With years of experience supporting YM, we're experts at all facets of site configuration

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We can handle every aspect of your YM site; from design, to configuration, to deployment 

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Your has approved K2 Information Systems as a YM Consultant, and they recommend us to their customers seeking a 3rd party services provider!

Your Membership is the premier Membership Management software on the market. YM is a truly integrated solution for membership management and social CRM. Organizations around the world rely on YM to keep their members connected and engaged. K2 Information Systems is a computer services provider specializing in YM configuration and management. Our YM services include content management, webmaster, integration of 3rd party products, as well as new YM site deployment from scratch.

With the wealth of features and options that YM has to offer, it's best to hire a computer professional who's experienced with the product. That way you'll be able to take advantage of everything that YM has to offer.

  • What We Do +

    Whether you need a full-time or part-time webmaster, or if you’re looking to deploy a special project on your existing YM site - we’ve got you covered. Our knowledge, experience and training will really shine through when you see the professional looking results of our work.
  • Content Management +

    Why pay an in-house administrator with limited YM experience and knowledge, when you can have a computer professional at your beck and call? We’ll update content, post blogs, configure items for sale in your storefront, create events with event registration forms, send out e-mail blasts, add photos, and more.
  • New Website Transition +

    Rolling out a new website on a new platform such as YM can be a daunting task, and this is best handled by someone who’s experienced with YM. You’ll need to design a new layout, move content, transfer member records and more. YM has a multitude of layouts and templates.
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Still haven't decided on YM as your platform?

Do your research on Member Management software and we think you'll agree - YM is the best product on the market.

If you haven't already deployed YM and you're still in the decision-making stage, we recommend that you perform a full evaluation of several different Membership Management products. After doing your research we're confident that you'll choose YM. Why, because we've worked with numerous member management platforms, and we've chosen to support YM exclusively. Quite simply, it's the best Membership Management product on the market.


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